Director’s Message

The mission of the Graduate Program in Advanced Experimental and Computational Biosciences is to train our students to research excellence across the biosciences workforce, be that academia, research infrastructures, or industry. We bring together committed faculty and talented students in a collaborative and supportive environment across continents, to probe the mechanisms of biological phenomena and discover new knowledge. We hold as key values research excellence, good mentorship, collaboration across disciplines, and inclusion.

The landscape of science is changing rapidly. Our graduates will be well-prepared to be leaders bringing our key values to advance research in the complex world of life sciences. They will be provided with opportunities in four different renowned Institutions on three different continents, to develop skills and awareness that will enhance their success. Consequently, our trainees will flourish in the current era of big data science and cutting-edge technology to contribute to the rapid pace of discovery we now enjoy.

The main campus is located in the Larissa campus of the University of Thessaly, at the foothills of Mount Olympus in central Greece. However, our students have the opportunity to train and exchange with our collaborating Institutions at the Western Sydney University in Australia, the University of Edinburgh in the UK, and the McGill University in Canada, and practically get the best of the entire world! Our diverse international faculty is committed to the training of our students and postdoctoral scholars. Students work closely with their dissertation advisors to create unique and important discoveries and enjoy the support of other faculty who serve on their highly interactive thesis committees.

Come, join our program and be prepared to meet the exciting challenges and enjoy the rewards that a career in life sciences provides. The faculty of Advanced Experimental and Computational Biosciences is committed to offering you a fruitful and enjoyable journey to your success in biological training and research.

Kostas Mathiopoulos
Professor – Director of the MSc Program

Our Students’ Achievements

Research Oriented Curriculum

How Students Rate Us (click for more details)

Afrodite Katsaouni

It is a remarkable program and during those two years, due to the rigorous training we obtained from our professors and all the knowledge they happily transferred to us, I was able to develop new skills and a newfound passion for science, which proved important tools for my PhD studies.

Jenny Koukara

I was challenged to stay focused, comprehend new concepts, and follow deadlines, thus I was sufficiently prepared for a career in the demanding research field.

Myrto Chatziaggelou

This postgraduate program prepares students for an academic and scientific career. It provides them with the foundations to start an international career and staff education and research institutions.

Marianna Kyrgiafini

My experience with this MSc was both challenging and exciting. This program is of a high standard and I especially liked its organization. I feel that the MSc program supported me in my professional career and has given me the tools to be more competitive in my field.

Dimitris Rallis

A major part of the AEC program is the one-year-long thesis, which allows the candidate to start a project of his own. Currently, I’m in my first PhD year working on a field of my interest with the confidence that AEC provided me with the motivation, skills, and mindset to reach that peak.

Magdalini Tsitsikli

The laboratory visiting rotation scheme enabled me to acquire a plethora of experimental technical skills and add them to my portfolio. The process of composing a grant proposal for research funding as part of my academic studies served as a means to stimulate and sharpen my critical thinking skills.

Marialena Georgopoulou

The learning schedule was tough but very effective. Critical thinking and comprehensive understanding were needed for a successful candidature. Being exposed to different tasks I managed to collect a range of skills that made me confident enough to apply to one of the world’s most competitive Universities for my PhD, the University of Melbourne.

Nikolaos Delkis

I was really lucky to be selected for the MSc program. As a student who continued for a PhD, I found all the tools, knowledge, and advice from my professors during this program extremely useful for my PhD studies.